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Welcome to Vortigern Studies!

Welcome to Wansdyke Project 21, a unique web-based study which focuses on the enigmatic, least-known Dark Ages earthwork, known as Wansdyke. Edited by Robert M. Vermaat, it features narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, extensive bibliographies, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, maps, polls and more.
Wansdyke Project 21 is part of Vortigern Studies, which has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the end of the Roman era to Arthurian times.

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January 29, 2008
A very sad start to the new year. Yesterday Wansdyke expert Keith S. Gardner suddenly passed away at the age of 76. A short obituary can be rerad on this site.

March 10, 2007
The first of several new visits and photo galleries: Armin Grewe's walks along Milk Hill and Morgan's Hill.

February 1, 2007
I've begun to update the website. New articles and contributions to follow.

April 16, 2006
New in the Bibliography for April:

  • Hill, David, and Margaret Worthington (2003): Offa's Dyke, History & Guide, (Tempus).
  • Fowler, Peter and Ian Blackwell (2000): The Land of Lettice Sweetapple, an English Countryside Explored, (Tempus).

February 25, 2006
A new year and a new article: Grigg, Erik (2006): Dark Age Dykes; the author has written a gazetteer of the more known linear earthworks in the UK.

September 21, 2005
After a long time of hibernation, I re-activated the Polls!

September 1, 2005
I added another link to a nice page with pictures from the Devil's Dyke, Cambridgeshire.

April 3, 2005
New in the Bibliography for April:

  • Eagles, Bruce (1997): The Area around Bedwyn in the Anglo-Saxon Period, in: Hostetter & Howe (eds.), The Romano-British Villa at castle Copse, Great Bedwyn, pp. 378-97.
  • Gardner, Keith S., Martin Ecclestone, Neil Holbrook and Andrew Smith (eds.) (2003): The Land of the Dobunni, (Heritage Publications, King's Lynn).
  • Hostetter, Eric and Thomas Noble Howe (eds.) (1997): The Romano-British Villa at castle Copse, Great Bedwyn, (Bloomington: Indiana University Press).
  • Hostetter, Eric and Thomas Noble Howe (1997): Observations on the Bedwyn Dyke, in: Hostetter & Howe (eds.), The Romano-British Villa at castle Copse, Great Bedwyn, pp. 359-69.
  • Laing, Lloyd Robert and Jennifer Laing (1979a): A Guide to Dark Age Remains in Britain, (London).
  • Rahtz, Philip (2003): The Dobunnic Area in Post-Roman Times, in: Ecclestone, Gardner, Holbrook & Smith (eds.), The Land of the Dobunni, pp. 24-31.

January 16, 2005
I made the mistake not to upload the correct pages about the Wansdyke trip by the pupils of Longleaze Primary School. That mistake that now been rectified.

December 19, 2004
I've made some changes to the general appearance of both Albums as well as Visits parts. I added the pictures and new reports of two visits make back in 2003 (my apologies for the delay to all involved) of 'Wayne' and the equally unnamed pupils of Longleaze Primary School to different parts of Wansdyke.

November 7, 2004
A promise I made a long time a go was the rotating map. it's there now, in the map pages. New is the rotating panorama from Milk Hill, shot in 2002 by Pete Glastonbury. Also, some long-overdue maintenance. I repaired and renewed all the links in the directions to the sections. I also moved to this website the links to other websites about wansdyke and all other Roman and dark Ages earthwork currently on the net.

October 1, 2004
New in the Bibliography for October:

  • Eagles, Bruce (2001): Anglo-Saxon Presence and Culture in Wiltshire c. AD 450 - c. 675, in: Peter Ellis (ed.), Roman Wiltshire and after, Papers in Honour of Ken Annable, pp. 199-233.

March 1, 2004
A new article by Keith Nurse about Offa's Dyke and their importance for the date of Wansdyke. Also, new pictures from Adrian Goodall.

December 3, 2003
I've added links to Uk Streetmap to all the maps shown with the video footage.

November 3, 2003
More good, very good stuff new from Pete Glastonbury! Apart from his pictures and his screensavers, Wansdyke Project 21 can now proudly present his video movies, shot from his plane. 13 fragments, from 2 to 8 Mb. New in the Bibliography for November:

  • Hughes, W. (1931): Grimsditch and Cuthwulf's Expedition to the Chilterns in AD 571, in: Antiquity 19, pp. 291-314.*
  • Major, Albany F. (1924): The Problem of Wansdyke, in: Antiquaries Journal 4, no.2, pp. 142-145.*
  • Oman, Charles (1930): Wansdyke, in: Journal-Royal Archaeological Institute 87, pp. 60-70.*
  • Passmore, A.D. (1924): The Age and Origin of The Wansdyke, in: Antiquaries Journal 4, no.1, pp. 26-29.*

October 3, 2003
At last, an album for the very nice pictures of Wansdyke by Pete Glastonbury. All of his pictures are very good, especially the ones shot from his plane. Also check out his very beautiful screensavers. New in the Bibliography for October:

  • Turnbull, Ronald (2002): 50 walks in Somerset (AA Publishing, Windsor).

September 1, 2003
Because Mike Hansford's very nice pictures of Wansdyke are that many now, I've cut his album into 4 separate parts.

August 8, 2003
At 13.12, MET, visitor number visited this website!

July 1, 2003
Pete and Allison Glastonbury added another brilliant new Panorama of East Wansdyke through West Woods.

May 20, 2003
More new pictures from Rick Crowley and Mike Hansford.

May 15, 2003
A second, very beautiful screensaver from Pete Glastonbury of Wansdyke, this one showing Wansdyke absolutely covered with bluebells, deep inside the West Woods. Pete and Allison Glastonbury also added a brilliant Panoramic tour of East Wansdyke to their site.
More new albums, some long overdue. I finally came around to putting most of Neil McDougall's pictures in an album, and I did promise Adrian Goodall to add some of his pictures as well. Rick Crowley and Mike Hansford, however, visited parts of Wansdyke very recently. A big thank you to all!

May 6, 2003
Several new items this month, to make up for the lack of activity in recent times. A new visit to East Wansdyke (2002: Milk Hill to Shaw) by Mjausson. New in the Bibliography for May:

  • Ashton, N. et al (1997): 100 walks in Wiltshire (The Crowood Press, Bristol).
  • Mullett, Geoff (2001): Walk West, a selection of 30 West Country walks within easy reach of Bristol, (Anthony Rowe, Chippenham).

February 20, 2003
A Wansdyke Screensaver ! This beautiful screensaver, courtesy of Pete Glastonbury, shows a 360 degrees panoramic view of Tan Hill, taken in the summer of 2002. Download HERE (1346 kB) .

November 12, 2002
After a long break I've updated the directions to all the sections of the West to East part with new links and 'Zoom Out' buttons. New in the Bibliography for November:

  • No new items.

August 9, 2002
Not much done over the holidays, but I've updated the Wansdyke Album with new galleries, in recognition of all those great pictures which I get from my contributors! many of the new pictures there have also been added to the descriptive part. New in the Bibliography for August:

  • No new items.

July 8, 2002
A new article by Keith Nurse about Late Roman coin hoards and their importance for the date of Wansdyke. New in the Bibliography for July:

  • Avon Archaeological Unit (1995): The West Wansdyke, Avon, a Management Study (Interim Report).

April 2, 2002
I added an interview with the archaeologist professor dr. Ken Dark on Dark Age British Earthworks. New in the Bibliography for April:

February 4, 2002
I finished the FAQS and Games pages. New in the Bibliography for February:

  • No new items.

January 3, 2002
As of now, Wansdyke Project 21 has its own domain! After being part of the site of Vortigern Studies, from today we are in our separate spot. This also means new FAQS, Search, Bibliography, Games and Sitemap pages, while the Links and the Polls remain at the main site. And as always, PLEASE adjust your bookmarks!
New in the Bibliography for January:

  • Allan, Terry (1996): Wansdyke, Walk the Frontier Zone (Bristol).*
  • Fowler, Peter J. (2001): Wansdyke in the Woods: An Unfinished Roman Military Earthwork for a Non-event, in: Peter Ellis (ed.), Roman Wiltshire and after, Papers in Honour of Ken Annable, pp. 179-198.*
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